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Textures: Skyrim, L4D & Sunni's Pookleted Wood Textures.
Mesh: Requires base game - see below. (included).

So the term new mesh is a bit misleading, A few days ago I discovered the 'Al Fresco Street Market' set by Zeussims. I really liked the cart, however, didn't have a huge use for the vegetables. After playing around in milkshape I removed the vegetables and created a new deco-less version of the cart. You can have both in your game at the same time if you wish. There are 8 recolours in total, three using a number of 'rough wood' textures and the other using a few darker Pooklet'd woods. You may have seen me post over at GOS about some issues I was having with the cart appear glossy / bright, these have all been fixed thanks to CuriousB! And of course, thanks to Zeussims for providing the original mesh!

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Date: 2013-04-03 07:55 pm (UTC)
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Thanks! It's much more versatile this way.


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