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 You can download everything at this post here.

I know I've probably been flooding your reading page with all of the separate sets, but I thought I would just link you to a collective post that will allow you to download everything all at once or at least browse through the separate downloads in an ordered way.

I've started to recolouring some of Kativip's 'Excavation Set' and you can see a WIP over at my simblr.
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 So like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm suddenly in love with 'wig accessories' and want to retexture a whole bunch in Pooklet's V.3 naturals. I decided to make a bit of a master list so I can keep track of everything I have left. I definitely will not have the patience to do all of these pieces, but at least I can find them when I'm looking for them (and if anyone else wants to have a go, then you're welcome to!).

Rose Sims.
- Long hair accessoryCompleted, available here.
- Thin braid accessory |
- Loopy braid accessory on side of the head |
- Thick fringe accessory | Pooklet'd by Bunhead, here.
- Side fringe with long bangs |
- Wispy side bits
- Male fringe
- Gapy front fringe |
- Hair poof / knot thing |
- Hair pieces from this donation set |
- Fringe from this donation set | Assuming I can find it.
- Braided knots from this donation set | Available from the booty, taoboa1.
- Hair from this donation set |
- From this donation set | Available from the booty, taoboa3.
- This donation set |
- This donation set | Available from the booty, taoboa_fehairclothingacc.
- Hairpiece from here | Available from the booty,  taoboa_green.

- Top knot + side knots | Compeleted, available here.
- Top knot + other hair accessory |
- Horse shoe shaped bun | Only a possiblity.
- Whatever this accessory is | I have no idea what I will be downloading, but I hope it's the cute little hair parts at the back.
- Hair loop |
- Piggy tails with metal clasps | Completed, available here.

- Yi Yao Ji |
- Butterfly & Spike |
- Ancient Accessory |

Ripple Sims.
- Sheung Yueng Hair |
- Ancient Headdress |
- The Chinese Stuff |
- Hairpieces |
- Hairpieces |
- Hairpieces |
- Hairpieces & Headdress |
- Headdress |
- Bangs Wig |
- Su Yao Wig |

M&TSims Cake Store.
- 3. Aromatic |
- 4. Chinese Ancient Concubine |
- 1. |
- 7.  Young |
- 8. JiMo |
- 11. Flowermoon |
- 21. Lady Li |
- Page 6 |
- Page 7 |
- Page 8 |
- Hair Strands | Pooklet'd by KunoichiKatie.

Suitable / Plain Hairs to use as a base.
- 6. Belle Unique |
- 2. Bell Unique 2 |
- 10. HuMeiNiang |
- 12. LiuYui |

News ; 02.

Jul. 5th, 2011 10:06 pm
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 Back at the beginning of June I posted this, saying I was working on recolouring a reasonable sized set. The set in question was Kativip's 'Violent Nightmare' (basically a strip club / bar). I deemed some of the meshes quite useful (particularly the three columns + three lounge meshes which were designed to sit along a wall), however, I have no plans to build a strip club / flashy bar in my neighbourhood so I decided to recolour them in some textures which were personally more useful (think woods, plaster and a few more subtle plush colours like blue).

After my exams were complete, I am ashamed I became quite disheartened by the large amount of textures I had already mashed together and wasn't looking forward to clicking them through SimPE. At the moment the set sits at:
- 11 armchair recolours,
- 11 barstool recolours,
- 33 column recolours (over 3 meshes + some hold two recolours in one file as it had two recolouring subsets),
- 3 curtain recolours,
- 21 floor painting recolours,
- 3 menu recolours,
- 11 padded stool recolours,
- 11 table recolours,
- 44 wall chair recolours (some hold two recolours due to two recolourable subsets).

I have 88 more wall chair recolours to push through for two separate wall colour meshes, plus I intended to make matching fence recolours (probably only around 5 though) and matching wall paper / flooring.  However, at the moment I am experimenting with making the wall chair mesh things slaved, so we'll see how that goes. They should be up in the next couple of days however. I've also recoloured a cute little pot from ATS2 + am doing some recolours of Simply Styling plants (I love plants!), which will be spread out over the coming days too. I'll leave you with some pictures.

The first column is the original, and the second is a combination of two different recolours, mostly to demonstrate the two different recolourable subsets (all three columns match).

Again, the first is the original.

Armchair, stool & a floor painting recolour. All the seating is retextured in matching textures, there is a selection of plain colours & a selection of plaid. The floor painting is recoloured in various ways, including some painted scenery, painted portraits (some include a demonic / haunted version) and some are recoloured to look like the back of a painting. 

News ; 01.

Jun. 9th, 2011 06:02 pm
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I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for their kind words regarding some of my custom content! I'm very appreciative of it.

Apart from that, this month is my exam period so I am very, very busy studying for exams. With this said, I will still be lurking to some degree and can reply to an queries / whatever you may have (as unllikely as that may be).

At the moment I am working on recolouring one of Katvip's sets to make it more applicable to my game. I have yet to run anything through simPE yet (or obviously test it), but I currently have 221 stretched over about 9 meshes. I didn't realise how many I had until today and I have to admit, I'm quite taken back by this, I didn't realise I had done so many. I'm not even half way through the meshes in the set I have selected and haven't even begun to look at the add on meshes she has made available. Since I'm not entirely sure how this set will work out (for example, some  of the recolours may look horrible ingame / meshes may not be recolourable / whatever), I'm not going to offer any more details / images (largely because I don't have any and because I am clearly super mysterious *cough*), until I get things together. When I get them into my lot that they are recoloured for then I will post a few pictures. I just wanted to let you know what's up in case you were wondering.

I hope everyone is having a lovely 2011!

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I think it's safe to say that Apollo's 'Secret Garden' set over at GOS is one of the most amazing garden sets ever. I'm always feel that there needs to be more content that matches it and this has lead me to my latest WIP. I'm using a similar theme (dark / rundown / overgrown) to recolour a selection of garden meshes (atm, I am recolouring Buggybooz ones). I'll probably use some of the textures that Apollo used as well. Here are just a two WIP pictures! If there are any mesh suggestions just post them in a comment and if they are in my power then I'll probably use them too!


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I mostly go by the name of SailorSimmer, and you can find my Simblr here.

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