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Mesh: Holy Simoly (included).
Textures: Needlecream & Sunni's Pooklet'd wood.

There are seven files & each contains one cushion recolour & one wood recolour (I only used the darker woods). I loved Needlecream's textures so all I've done is added a few more colours. Also, I linked Holy Simoly's site however it's not working for me. Oh, and the files are named after the pooklet colour the wood is.

The sofa mesh is the master and the single chair mesh is the slave, you need the sofa in the game for the recolours to work. I've included both. Of course, this means that the recolours will work on both meshes even though I've only pictured the single.

On a side note, the banner displayed in the below image is a mesh conversion that I've been working on. It's from Bioshock and has a handful of recolours. Everything is in working order essentially. The only issue is that it doesn't line up with the wall yet. I'm still working on that.

+ the blue recolour pictured in the header.

Download | Mirror

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