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Maxis Uni EP Little Flag Mesh + Kativip's LS City Flag Mesh (included).
Textures: Taken from original meshes + Lime Love.

Lime Love over at Blogspot posted some recolours of these meshes in 2011 which I love. This inspired me to do a similar (if smaller) set but in the colours for the important family houses in my city. Some of them are quite similar to the Hogwart houses Lime Love posted (ie. red + gold), however, these are a far more muted colour.

There are three recolours of each mesh and they're clearly labelled so you can delete the uni recolours if you don't have that EP. And yes, it's raining. It's forever raining in my neighbourhood and it's driving me insane, haha. There's a quick picture of the flags in milkshape at the bottom so you can see what they look like without the rain, haha.

Download Here.

Date: 2013-04-12 11:50 pm (UTC)
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Ooo, thanks for the Maxis flag recolors! I'll definitely make a default with them!


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