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I mostly go by the name of 'SailorSimmer', you can find my simblr here. You can also find my downloads directory here

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News; 08.

Jun. 23rd, 2013 06:26 pm
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 MY PHOTOBUCKET BANDWIDTH IS DEAD! I'm so depressed, haha. It makes my page look so hideous. I'm kind of shocked that it got used up (as this has never happened before), however, I've swapped over to imgur for my last few posts (and coming posts). As for my very old posts, they were hosted on another account so they should be fine.

For recent posts, you should be able to find images of them over at my simblr as I have created a download index with images. Sorry for any hassle this may cause! Feel free to comment with questions in regards to the item and I may be able to link you to some specific pictures (:


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I mostly go by the name of SailorSimmer, and you can find my Simblr here.

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